“Vintage is Now” Day 24 – Here’s Lucy!

Lucy the Elephant
This project was created from an original black and white snapshot.
We restored, colorized and added some fun type. What a great birthday gift

Welcome to Day 24 of Whispering Woods Gallery’s “Vintage is Now” series. This is an example of  how we think “outside of the frame.” We started with a small original 1956 black and white snapshot of Lucy the Elephant, my Mom and sister. It’s special because my brother is in the photo too, he’s just barely showing… Lucy is smiling and my sister is a positively precious toddler!

We have many creative elements. Our designer carefully colorized the photo and added fun type to replicate large letter vintage postcards. The vintage style frame choice is perfect for the theme and for the shore home where it is now displayed. The clear beach palette colors work well in a shore setting.  Fun mat cutter embellishment were added to the top mat.

More than sixty years later Lucy is still delighting visitors in Margate, NJ. Do you have a favorite family photo? Let us create a fun piece that will be a family treasure for years to come.


“Vintage is Now” Day 18 – 1960’s Baby Photos


Today’s “Vintage is Now” photo shows a series of Kim’s fun baby photos from the late 1960’s. These photos bring a smile to everyone that views them! They were framed in the 80’s elsewhere in very bold colors and it was time for a bit of updating.

We cut this six opening mat on our Wizard computerized matcutter. Kim chose a stylish ornate Larson Juhl frame with a bit of whimsy. We added an engraved plate with her name and the date. The matting choice is very neutral so whatever home decor colors might be popular, this project will look great.

Thank you Kim for letting us share your photos!

“Vintage is Now” Day 14-From a wedding album

Wedding photo custom framed
This is a photo from a 1952 wedding album. It was the sister of the bride and her husband. We scanned and printed a new copy for this project which hangs in our shop.

Welcome! Today’s “Vintage is Now” photo is from a 1952 wedding album. This was the matron of honor and sister of the bride and her husband. The photography is stunning showing the reflections in the mirror. We proudly display this in our shop.

The custom framing is a bit creative! It has curvy mat cuts in the solid color core matboard. The mat colors were carefully selected to blend with the tones in the photo.  The shimmery Larson Juhl frame is gutsy but works well. It also comes in silver and gold and is a best seller at Whispering Woods Gallery. The TruVue Museum glass invites you right into the photo.

Whispering Woods Gallery is an award winning picture frame shop in Bucks County, PA. With 31 years of experience will we creatively frame your photos, documents and memorabilia. We hope to see you soon!

“Vintage is Now” Day 13- A Vintage Postcard and Snapshot

Vintage photo and postcard custom framed
Mom and Dad met in the late 1940’s on Chelsea Beach in Atlantic City, NJ.

Welcome to Day 13 of Whispering Woods Gallery’s “Vintage is Now” series. This custom framing project is a fun one! This goes back to the late 1940’s where my Mom and Dad met on Chelsea Beach in Atlantic City, NJ. It was after WWII and Atlantic City was the place to be. I have included a vintage postcard of the approximate same time period in the same place. The building in back of my parents is the Ambassador and it is the middle building in the postcard.

The framing is simple. I used a beachy light wood with a gray wash and solid core white rag mats. It was challenging to make choice that went with both pieces. I cut the mat on my Computerized Mat Cutter. The frame is by a Pennsylvania manufacturer.

This is a project that makes a great gift and can be delivered quickly.  I have thousands of fun vintage postcards in the shop and we just need you to supply the photograph. What a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or graduation!

“Vintage is Now” Day 10- A simple 1940’s snapshot

1940’s photo snapshot custom framed
Custom Framed Black and White snapshot

Day 10 of “Vintage is Now” features a candid snapshot of a mother and son in the 1940’s. It was taken in the backyard on a sunny day. It is honest. There was no primping or posing.   The subjects were immigrants who were grateful for everything.

This photo came from a “shoebox collection” of  photos.  Most families have a box or two of these.  Sometimes they  are a semi-glossy photo with cool deckled edges. Looking through a box of these is an adventure through the past.

The tone on tone white matting is simple. The matting design frames the image and draws your eye into the photo. We used a traditional frame that would have felt perfect in this home. The mom in the photo passed away in 1952, but we know that future generations will have a glimpse of a their family matriarch.

“Vintage is Now” Day 6-a 1955 black and white snapshot montage

Custom Framed Baby Snapshots from 1955
Baby snapshots from the summer of 1955.

Day 6 of Whispering Woods Gallery’s “Vintage is Now” features a series of snapshots from a warm spring day in 1955. The framed piece was given to the baby, now an adult, for a special birthday. The baby photos were a surprise as they had been tucked away in a cousin’s collection. We can tell that much thought and love went into the photography.

Although the framing looks simple, there’s a lot going on. It hangs in a modern shore home so the frame needed to be contemporary. We used a silver water gilded Larson Juhl frame made in France. To soften it a bit, a scooped fillet was added inside the frame.  The mats are solid color neutrals of white with a pale gray. A v-groove with classic corner embellishment was added to group the photos into a collection.

Sharing real vintage photos is a sweet gesture that will delight the recipient. These photos will be admired by house guests and will be passed down for generations.

Custom framed baby photo montage
Note the elegant v-groove in the solid color core mats.

“Vintage is Now” Day 1 – Framed 1950’s Wedding Cake Topper

Framed Wedding Photos and Cake Topper
Mom and Dad’s framed Wedding Photos and Cake Topper

If you have visited Whispering Woods Gallery, you probably have seen this piece displayed on our framing example wall. It’s one of my all time favorite projects. It consists of two wedding photos of my parents and their original wedding cake topper.  Although I have their original wedding portrait hanging in my home, these photos were generated by scanning from my parent’s wedding album and printing new photos. It’s a smart idea to check for permission by the photographer/studio first before reproducing photographs.

The black frame is a simple yet deep dimensional frame by Larson Juhl. The mat was a textured silk top mat with a black inner mat. The bride and groom sit on a white moire platform, similar to the cake. The TruVue Museum glass looks virtually invisible. The silver engraved nameplate has my parent’s names and their wedding date.

This is a piece that will be passed down for generations. My Mom saved her wedding cake topper because it was precious to her. Everyday I view this piece and see the love that  started our family. If we didn’t have a well preserved wedding album, this project would not have been possible. Make sure that your digital files will withstand the challenges of new technology. We look forward to preserving your memories at Whispering Woods Gallery.