1940's baby photos custom framed

Custom Framing

The right picture frame can create a perfect package, complementing what’s inside the frame – a photo, poster, artwork or family treasure. Have a picture that you love? It is amazing how stunning it can look in the right frame! On the flip side, the wrong frame job can spoil a lovely photo or work of art.

Needleworker Stitchery

Needlework Framing

Do you love doing needlepoint and other needlework? You’re in good company! Mary, Queen of Scots; Marie Antoinette; and Queen Elizabeth I were all avid stitchers. Even actor and National Football League (NFL) great Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier is known for his beautiful work in needlepoint! 

Military Flag Case

Flag Cases

Future generations will only know who they are…when they understand the story of where past generations have been. Preserve your veteran’s flag, military decorations, and family history in an heirloom quality display case. Choose from oak, walnut or cherry with the option of a matching pedestal.