Located in Holland, Pennsylvania and serving Bucks, Philadelphia, Montgomery and Mercer Counties since 1986, Whispering Woods Gallery is an award winning art gallery and custom frame shop. Offering personalized service, our experienced staff will creatively frame your artwork, diplomas, licenses, travel memories and treasured photos to meet your individual taste. Unlike other shops, our framing is done in house. We are proud to have the only PPFA Master Certified Picture Framer in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. We have won commendation from local to international levels.

We welcome you to stop by to see our shop.  Feel free to make an appointment so that we can assure that you  will have a quality experience. If you have any questions just let us know.

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This photo reprint of the USS Rawlins was recently framed to celebrate a 90th birthday for a sailor who served on this ship in the South Pacific during WWII. We were asked to include the ribbons of this very young sailor who was anxious to join the war. We love the patriotic colors and we thank this fine soldier for protecting our country! #customframing #pictureframing #buckscountypa #Newtownpa #whisperingwoodsgallery #USSRawlins
The Antique Book and Paper show in Allentown, PA was packed with interesting items. Swipe left to see a few. #allentownpapershow #whisperingwoodsgallery
A few months ago we worked on an interesting project of framing many snapshots for a new resident of a nearby independent living community. She stopped by the shop with a very large folder of her favorite photos. There were dozens of images spanning many decades! It took a while but we narrowed them down to make two pleasing arrangements. Each photo was meaningful and would bring joy. The framing was exactly to her specifications to fit in two places in her living area. We had several challenges. We had to select from so many important photos. Also we had to keep the size to a minimum. All of the photos were from different time periods so nothing matched. All of the photo sizes were unique making layout a challenge. The end result was perfect and we are delighted to preserve these memories for a resident new to the area. #vintageisnow #newtownpa #hollanpa #langhornepa #buckcountypa
One of our customers came in with these snapshots to create a meaningful birthday gift for her husband. We experimented by moving the photos around to come up with this creative arrangement. At Whispering Woods Gallery every framing project is unique. We framed the original snapshots using a double solid color archival matboard, TruVue Museum glass and an elegant #LarsonJuhl frame that is perfect for vintage items. The largest photo was embellished with a classic corner cut with our computerized matcutter. Most of us have a few boxes of vintage photos in our closets or under a bed. Why not pick some favorites and relive the memories. They make a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversary or holiday gift giving. Thanks for tuning into “Vintage is Now” Day 20! #vintageisnow #buckscountypa #newtownpa #hollandpa #yardleypa #customframing
"Vintage is Now" Day 19-Custom framed WWII sketch and original photos Day 19 of Whispering Woods Gallery’s “Vintage is Now” goes back to WWII-1945. US Army combat engineer Warren Stichtenoth created this “Cannon Bunker” sketch and a local resident, Wayne Potok recently custom framed it to remember his Dad, Charles Potok. We included original photographs with the sketch and added an engraved brass plate giving pertinent details. The combination of items worked out very nicely. Sadly many our WWII vets are not here share their experiences. Through photos we can share history and keep their memories alive. #buckscountypa #warrenstichtenoth #hollandpa #vintageisnow #customframing #wwIIart