We Frame Needleart!

Needlework Framing
We frame needlework! We will work with you to create something that will be cherished for generations.

Whether it’s needlework that was stitched years ago or a new creation we will take the time to design a presentation that will work for you. We frame vintage textiles, tatting, antique samplers, cross-stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, stitchery and more. We will discuss options for matting, glazing (glass), and stretching. We have a great selection of frames and will guide you toward an appropriate frame that you will love for years to come. Selecting the components of a design can take about a 1/2 hour so we prefer that you call or email us to reserve a time. This assures you that we can give you our undivided attention. Feel free to give us a call with any questions.

Wake up and Enjoy your Coffee!

We recently framed a series of authentic coffee bean sacks for Sam of Holland. Sam, a coffee connoisseur has an area in his home where he grinds coffee beans and brews the perfect cup of coffee. He has invested in the finest machinery and wanted the area to look inviting.

We framed three sacks from various coffee companies in a simple black Larson Juhl moulding. If you have ever seen real burlap, you might know that it has a lot a fibers, particles and dust. To a framer that’s a challenge. We needed to work on these in an area of our shop where the burlap fibers would be contained and would not migrate to other projects! We chose to use a method of mounting for the sacks that would be reversible. Each sack was pinned to a black mounting board. They could be removed in the future if needed. TruVue Museum glass was a great choice for these frames because it shows the rich texture of the burlap fabric. The glass is there, but you can’t see it!

Sam was delighted! We hope that he enjoys his coffee every morning!

What’s Old is New – Doilies

Custom Framed Doilies
A grouping of custom framed vintage doilies

Doilies became popular to our society in the mid to late 1800’s. Cultured women were taught to craft doilies and they were common in the Victorian home. Doilies were usually seen on the dining table and on furniture.

For years Whispering Woods Gallery has been framing doilies. Some are recently crafted but most are vintage. Usually the vintage ones were made by a loved one and come with a story.

We recently custom framed these lovely pieces for Verena of Newtown. They were framed in a unique way by using a custom violet fabric with a very contemporary natural white washed maple frame by Larson Juhl. We used TruVue Museum Glass so that the viewer would enjoy the fine details of the crafted textile.

Here are a few links to read more about the history of doilies:

Whether you have a vintage doily from your grandmother, a new one purchased online or one that you recently crafted we are happy to design a presentation to preserve it for years to come.

Congratulations Class of 2020! Commemorate your Graduation with a Custom Frame from Whispering Woods Gallery

Holy Family custom framed diploma at Whispering Woods Gallery Holland Pa
Your ceremony may have been cancelled but your achievement was not! Call us now to discuss your diploma framing

Although graduation may not be traditional this year, it is still an important milestone!  A diploma is something to display, not put away in a closet or drawer. After all, it took much hard work over the years to earn it.  Here are a few questions to ask when you frame your diploma.

  • What kind of glass will be used?  Does it block UV rays to reduce the fading of the signatures? Do you prefer an anti-reflective solution?
  • Does the mat fit the certificate? Mats from a university book store diploma frame don’t necessarily fit your diploma.  Why cover up something important?
  • How will the diploma be secured in the frame? Does it need to be dry-mounted?  Is this a good idea?
  • Is this framing process reversible?  Quality framing will come out of the frame in it’s original condition, without tape adhesive. Professional framers aim for their work to be reversible.
  • Is the hanging hardware secure and proper for where you will hang it?  A ready-made frame might not have the hanging solution for your walls.  A professional framer will provide a hanging solution that works for you.
  • Do you love it? Ordering online does not let you see the details of the frame design. Does it reflect my personality?  Somebody in the fashion industry might pick something different than an accountant or attorney.  Will the same frame be available for future diplomas and licenses? Is if made from solid wood or particle board?
  • Should I take this to an expert?  Professional framers study for years. They know what’s best for your situation.  You want this to last for generations. Why settle for anything less?

Call Whispering Woods Gallery to set up a time for a shop visit or we can work virtually. Let us show you the many ways we can commemorate your special accomplishment with a custom frame. We care to do it right.  You should too.  Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Framed Concert Memories

Paul Weller framed concert memorabilia
We framed a concert poster, set list, drum stick, guitar picks, ticket and photos to make a lasting memory of a great performance!

It was a night at the Fillmore that will always be remembered! Jen of Yardley, PA is a Paul Weller fan and she shows her dedication here! She brought us a set list, poster, concert ticket, guitar picks, drum stick and a series of awesome photos to frame this impressive piece.

It was a joy to work with Jen who is a graphic designer. I especially like her layout of her personal photos of the concert.

Let’s hope we can make some new concert memories soon. Until then we are happy to frame your tickets, photos and posters that you have already collected.

View some more framed concert memorabilia framed at Whispering Woods Gallery.

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Celebrating 33 Years!

Enjoy some of our favorite photos from over the years. Click on a photo to see the full caption and larger size. Continue clicking on the arrow for a slideshow. We truly thank all who have supported us over the years!


Spring Cleaning?

frame donation
Whispering Woods Gallery is collecting your unwanted used frames.
Call Sue for more information at (215)364-4321.

Are you spring cleaning, downsizing or redecorating? If you come across unwanted wood frames, we would be happy to get them to a local school district that will use them in their classes. Some students will use them for weaving and some will use them to create stained glass art. It does not matter if they are dented or chipped because they will be painted.

Jonah Frameworks

Whispering Woods Gallery is delighted to offer the moulding of Jonah Frameworks. Their frames are crafted from raw imported and domestic wood and are assembled, sanded and finished by hand in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We love to work with Jonah because a frame of any wood and finish can be fabricated to our specifications. We can order the exact frame just for you and we are proud that it comes from a local source.

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Framing Made Easy

Here are some tips from a professional picture framer to have a great frame shop visit.

-Call ahead. If you tell the frame shop a bit about your project ahead of time, they can research the item and look for creative ideas for presentation. The frame shop put together a presentation of images that will show you the possibilities. They can pull frame corners ahead of time that might work for you. If you are a previous client they can look up your style preferences.

-Make an appointment. Framers wear many hats but if they are expecting you, they will be more focused on your project.

-Take photos of the space where your picture framing will hang. Bring in paint chips, fabric swatches or floor samples if it matters to you. Show your framer pictures of your home or office or what you would like your room to resemble.

-Measure the area(s) where it might hang. Describing a space as “small” or “large” might be a bit general to design proportions for framing.

-If you are not quite sure, ask if you can borrow samples to take back home or to the office.

-If your framer is experienced they should be guiding you to a design that is both structurally sound and tasteful. Be open to new ideas and feel free to ask questions. Ask to see examples if you can’t visualize.

-Creating a great design takes time so don’t be rushed. If you bring a lot of items all at once, it might be too much for one session.

-Tell your framer if you have time constraints, budget limitations, or if the item will be shipped. Framers are usually flexible and want to work with you.

Quality custom framed photograph
Professional picture framing not only looks great but will last for generations.

Susan Gittlen is one of seventy Master Certified Picture Framers worldwide and has been professionally framing at Whispering Woods Gallery in Holland, PA since 1986. She has won numerous framing industry awards from the Professional Picture Framers Association and Larson Juhl. She has had several articles published in Picture Framing Magazine.

Framing Kids’ Art

Whispering Woods Gallery frames Kids' ArtFraming Kids’ Works of Art: A Different Approach
Kids’ works of art can be special and amazing pieces to display in the home! Many times, colorful mats and frames are incorporated into the custom frame designs, which can be just the right look, especially if the art will be placed in a child’s room or a playroom. But a different approach to share at the design counter is to frame the art in a more sophisticated way so it can be displayed nearly anywhere in the home!
Go for a Gallery Look
Colorful drawings, pencil sketches, photography, paintings and more can be framed with a white mat and black frame for a gallery-style design.
Make it a Masterpiece
Art on canvas can be beautifully highlighted with a wide frame – try frames with a gold, silver or black finish for a dramatic result.
Traditional & Transitional
Frames that highlight the beauty of wood can be a stylish option, and the art can be matted or not, depending on the substrate and medium. Modern and clean-lined profiles, rustic styles, or traditional furniture finishes can all work beautifully to create designs that highlight the art and work well in the home.

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Some recent customer projects

Customers at Whispering Woods Gallery
A few recent custom framing projects at Whispering Woods Gallery.

Upper Left: Vacation memories of Italy with photos and souvenir cards
Upper Middle: Custom framed postcards of Winchester Virginia
Upper Right: A Charle Bofinger embellished canvas giclee
Middle Left: Original art framed to start a collection
Middle Center: Vintage drawing from the 1950’s
Middle Right: Proud Dad picking up his daughter’s diploma
Bottom Left:  A precious family photo with description
Bottom Middle: A framed tool belt of a departed employee to a local business.
Bottom Right: A custom framed map of the Holyland dating back to the mid 1600’s.