What’s Old is New – Doilies

Custom Framed Doilies
A grouping of custom framed vintage doilies

Doilies became popular to our society in the mid to late 1800’s. Cultured women were taught to craft doilies and they were common in the Victorian home. Doilies were usually seen on the dining table and on furniture.

For years Whispering Woods Gallery has been framing doilies. Some are recently crafted but most are vintage. Usually the vintage ones were made by a loved one and come with a story.

We recently custom framed these lovely pieces for Verena of Newtown. They were framed in a unique way by using a custom violet fabric with a very contemporary natural white washed maple frame by Larson Juhl. We used TruVue Museum Glass so that the viewer would enjoy the fine details of the crafted textile.

Here are a few links to read more about the history of doilies:

Whether you have a vintage doily from your grandmother, a new one purchased online or one that you recently crafted we are happy to design a presentation to preserve it for years to come.