Green Framing

At Whispering Woods Gallery we are trying to make as little impact on the world as possible thus preserving it for future generations.  Although “Green Framing” is a fairly new term,  the practices of “Green Framing” are not new to Whispering Woods Gallery.  When a mat is cut usually some scrap is generated.  Much of our matboard excess goes to local schools for use by their students.  When young artists are in the shop they leave with a nifty collection of  matboard to experiment with new media.

When a client  reframes art and generates an empty frame,  we donate it to one of our many local resale shops.  We  have a neighbor that takes our used vintage glass that might otherwise end up in a landfill because it is not recyclable. We also collect packaging materials for reuse by other local businesses or for those in the community that are relocating.  When you pick up your finished piece, we’ll wrap it in recyclable kraft paper so that it arrives home safely and we hope that you will continue the chain by re-purposing  it  in your own way.

Larson Juhl, our largest moulding supplier has implemented reforestation plans to plant as many trees as are consumed in moulding production.  Since 1991 Larson-Juhl has funded the planting of over than 400,000 trees in more than 29 unique Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration projects within the United States and around the world.

Larson-Juhl has earned certifications from three of the world’s most respected third-party certification organizations: The Forest Stewardship Council Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, and the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeFor more on these certifications.   This link will explain more green terms.  The slide show below below shows a selection of our forest friendly moulding.

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