Wake up and Enjoy your Coffee!

We recently framed a series of authentic coffee bean sacks for Sam of Holland. Sam, a coffee connoisseur has an area in his home where he grinds coffee beans and brews the perfect cup of coffee. He has invested in the finest machinery and wanted the area to look inviting.

We framed three sacks from various coffee companies in a simple black Larson Juhl moulding. If you have ever seen real burlap, you might know that it has a lot a fibers, particles and dust. To a framer that’s a challenge. We needed to work on these in an area of our shop where the burlap fibers would be contained and would not migrate to other projects! We chose to use a method of mounting for the sacks that would be reversible. Each sack was pinned to a black mounting board. They could be removed in the future if needed. TruVue Museum glass was a great choice for these frames because it shows the rich texture of the burlap fabric. The glass is there, but you can’t see it!

Sam was delighted! We hope that he enjoys his coffee every morning!