“Vintage is Now” Day 1 – Framed 1950’s Wedding Cake Topper

Custom Framed Cake Topper
Framed Wedding Photos and Cake Topper
Mom and Dad’s framed Wedding Photos and Cake Topper

If you have visited Whispering Woods Gallery, you probably have seen this piece displayed on our framing example wall. It’s one of my all time favorite projects. It consists of two wedding photos of my parents and their original wedding cake topper.  Although I have their original wedding portrait hanging in my home, these photos were generated by scanning from my parent’s wedding album and printing new photos. It’s a smart idea to check for permission by the photographer/studio first before reproducing photographs.

The black frame is a simple yet deep dimensional frame by Larson Juhl. The mat was a textured silk top mat with a black inner mat. The bride and groom sit on a white moire platform, similar to the cake. The TruVue Museum glass looks virtually invisible. The silver engraved nameplate has my parent’s names and their wedding date.

This is a piece that will be passed down for generations. My Mom saved her wedding cake topper because it was precious to her. Everyday I view this piece and see the love that  started our family. If we didn’t have a well preserved wedding album, this project would not have been possible. Make sure that your digital files will withstand the challenges of new technology. We look forward to preserving your memories at Whispering Woods Gallery.