Forties Flashback

Vintage 40's Wedding Snapshot

What does a picture framer give as a gift?  What he or she does best, a framed picture!

I recently needed a gift for an 85th birthday celebration.  As it was a surprise, the family of the recipient provided me with a few snapshots.  The more casual snapshot proved to be the best choice.  We digitally fixed a few scratches and minor blemishes, enlarged the photo and picked a lovely time appropriate framing package.

What a perfect way to remember a special wedding!  Imagine the possibilities lurking in your photo albums!

Made in the USA

Made in the USARecently some framers had a discussion about which products in our industry are made in the USA.  I knew that some of our moulding was made here, but I did not realize how many other products in our shop are also from the USA.

Here’s a few:  Our glass, acrylic,  Framerica moulding,  Nielsen moulding, Vermont Hardwoods moulding,  Laville moulding, some Larson Juhl moulding,  most of our flag cases, most of our matboard,  some Kodak photo papers, wood glue, mounting adhesives, glass cleaner, and most of the art that we carry.

Although we can’t change the economy in one day,  it’s something that you might consider the next time that you make a home decor purchase.  When you visit our shop, ask and we will certainly help you pick products made in the USA.

Framers wear many hats

Letterpress invitationThese days framers wear many hats.  Many of us do photo restoration.  We’ll scan your vintage photos.  We’ll make a sign-in board for your party.  A recent project was with a talented invitation designer, Stephanie Pryor.  She designed an elegant wedding invitation and had it letterpressed onto pure cotton rag board. So here’s where I (the framer) came into the picture.  I had the honor of cutting beautiful, crisp, pristine bevels into each of the invitations and reply cards.  As you see, the results were gorgeous!  Over the years I have worked on many invitations, but this one will be remembered!

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

TypesettingLeanna and Mary came to me a few weeks ago wanting a special gift for their beloved pastor and his wife who were leaving the area after many years.  They wanted something meaningful yet simple because the recipient’s new home would be on an Indian Reservation. They had a favorite poem, “The Touch of the Master’s Hand”  but didn’t know the options.

Leanna and Mary had the perfect idea for a gift and with “The Touch of the Master’s Hand,” it really did turn out perfect! Sorry, I couldn’t pass that by since my title is Master Certified Picture Framer… First we gave Leanna and Mary several layouts of the poem and after a few rounds of tweaking it was perfect.  Then we picked a lovely tan parchment paper, complimentary matting and a rustic but elegant Larson Juhl frame.  Rounded corners cut with our computerized mat cutter  made the piece compliment  the rounded curves of the violin.  When completed the piece truly played a beautiful tune!

Whispering Woods Gallery is collecting items for Deserving Decor

Do you have a stack of unused pictures in your closet, attic or basement?  Perhaps you redecorated or downsized and have a few extra decorative items?  Whispering Woods Gallery is collecting art and decorative wall items for Deserving Decor on an ongoing basis.  Donate your unused art to make a difference in our community.  All donations will be used in transitional homeless shelters and for the recently housed throughout Bucks County.  For more details call Sue at 215-364-4321.

Deserving Decor is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit. All monetary and furnishing donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.  Deserving Decor does not receive Federal funding and is an all volunteer organization.