Made in the USA

Made in the USARecently some framers had a discussion about which products in our industry are made in the USA.  I knew that some of our moulding was made here, but I did not realize how many other products in our shop are also from the USA.

Here’s a few:  Our glass, acrylic,  Framerica moulding,  Nielsen moulding, Vermont Hardwoods moulding,  Laville moulding, some Larson Juhl moulding,  most of our flag cases, most of our matboard,  some Kodak photo papers, wood glue, mounting adhesives, glass cleaner, and most of the art that we carry.

Although we can’t change the economy in one day,  it’s something that you might consider the next time that you make a home decor purchase.  When you visit our shop, ask and we will certainly help you pick products made in the USA.