Allentown Paper and Book Show

Allentown Paper Show

I recently attended the Allentown Paper and Book Show in Allentown, PA. As a first time attendee, I had no idea that it was such a large show. I could have stayed for the two days. I went to search for a few vintage postcards. I found booths filled with all types of old photographs, magazines, advertising, sheet music, posters and more. Vintage cameras, World’s Fair items, romantic Valentines, toys, old maps, matchbooks and original drawings were plentiful. The original vintage signage was fun and bright. There was even a booth with display supplies for collectors and dealers.

Why go to a vintage show? Certain characteristics of vintage items can’t be compared to today’s items. You can see the difference in quality and design. The printing inks of the paper items are vivid and bright. The graphic design is cutting edge. The quality materials were made to last. These collectibles are great for display, framing and to tell stories of the past. Purchasing and repurposing these items is responsible, keeping them out of landfills.

It was a bit sad to see that most of the attendees were not young in age. Every item has a story to tell! These collectibles are a 3D history book.

The Allentown Paper and Book show is held twice a year in April and October. For more information go