Ketubah Handling Tips

imageYour gorgeous Ketubah has just arrived in time for your upcoming wedding!  Here are some considerations for handling so that it stays in perfect condition for a lifetime of enjoyment.

  • Try not to excessively handle it before the wedding. It is easy to put a dent in it, so take it to a professional framer as soon as possible to open it.
  • A framer can put a temporary fomecore backing behind it for the ceremony.  Many framers put acetate over it to prevent damage. Other options include matting and/or framing it with out glass for the ceremony.
  • Be sure to read any recommendations from the artist or Ketubah supplier.
  • Check the spelling of your names in English and Hebrew. It’s rare that there are mistakes, but it can happen!
  • Colored nail polish can leave permanent marks on your light colored Ketubah.
  • Use a special fade proof pen for signing.  Ink can fade over the years if exposed to UV light rays. Test your pen if possible to see that it writes smoothly on your Ketubah.
  • Will you display it at the ceremony? Make sure that there is an easel available.
  • The wedding day can be hectic.  Appoint somebody who will make sure that it is carefully wrapped to come home.  Don’t leave it in the trunk of the car for an extended period of time. Take it to a professional picture framer as soon as possible for archival framing to last a lifetime!

These tips are provided by Whispering Woods Gallery in Holland, Pennsylvania.  We have been professionally framing Ketubot in the Philadelphia area since 1986.