“Vintage is Now” Day 9-Purple Heart Certificate, Photo and Medals

Custom Framed WWII memorabilia
We won’t forget this soldier who was killed in action in Europe during WWII.

Day 9 of “Vintage is Now” is a sad one. We framed an original military photo with a Purple Heart certificate and medals all in one frame. Our young US soldier was killed in action on December 25, 1944 in Europe during the Battle of the Bulge.

This was a gift from a niece of the deceased to a nephew of the deceased.  She chose  a tasteful Larson Juhl Biltmore frame. Although it does not show in the photo, the frame is deep enough to accommodate the thickness of the medals.  We used Museum glass and solid color core matboard. The mat opening around the medals was embellished with a classic corner from our computerized matcutter. We were honored to win a Larson Juhl Design Star award for this several years ago.

Custom framing keeps our memories alive. Thanks to all that served our Country. We won’t forget you.