“Vintage is Now” Day 25 – JFK Mass Card

John F. Kennedy Mass Card Custom Framed
A framed JFK Mass Card was framed to be seen on the front and back.

During my 31 years of framing, I have framed just a few funeral Mass cards. This is one that I will always remember. This was a Mass card honoring John F. Kennedy.  I framed it for Judy of Holland quite a while ago. It was an honor to frame it and I felt that I was contributing to preserve history. I was just a year old at the time when JFK was assassinated.

The framing was simple, functional, and period appropriate. An elegant ruled line in gold framed the mat opening. A second piece of glass and several mats were added to the back so that both sides could be viewed. We added an “Easel Mate” so that it could sit on a shelf.  Museum Glass was used on the front to cut down on the glare.

Judy acquired this by way of a family member. There are some available for a fair price on Ebay.

Custom Framed Mass card
JFK Mass card back

“Vintage is Now” Day 23-Teaching Certificate, Ring and Photo Restoration

custom picture framing
We framed a teaching certificate, ring and photo to create a lasting memory for Mary of Holland.

Welcome to Whispering Woods Gallery’s series of vintage photo projects.  Every day in April we are featuring a custom framed vintage photo project from our shop.

Today’s project dates back to 1910. We framed three very dear items for Mary of Holland, Pa. The Chicago Kindergarten College certificate and photograph had been previously framed and had sadly suffered damage due to improper framing materials. We scanned the photo, fixed the imperfections digitally and made a new copy for this project. We used the original certificate, covering the discoloration with the oval mat. We sewed the ring to the backing board so if needed, it would be in it’s original condition.

The frame’s pattern mimics the flourishes of the Copperplate pen and ink writing. The warm tones of the mat and frame work well with the three items.  Having a three dimensional object in the frame makes the project come alive. Do you have an idea? We are happy to help! Stop by the Gallery to see similar projects.

“Vintage is Now” Day 8-Shore memories with snapshots, souvenirs, and a map

403EF7B7-A932-49FE-8010-607495BA3FACToday’s “Vintage is Now” project is a collage of family memories. It was featured in Picture Framing Magazine in 2017. It consists of vintage snapshots from the 1950’s, vintage postcards, a map, and some Jersey Shore souvenirs of the same time period. On this piece we made copies of our original 1950’s photos. We matted them with custom hand embossed matboard in fun summer colors. Combining vintage postcards and photographs makes an interesting composition.

Stop by our shop to this vacation memories shadowbox. In the near future it will travel to Margate, NJ for others to enjoy.  Let Whispering Woods Gallery help you bring back the good times!



“Vintage Is Now” Day 7-1940’s NYC Copacabana Club souvenir photo

Vintage custom framed photo
An enlarged Copacabana souvenir photo from the 1940’s.

Our Day 7 “Vintage is Now” photo goes back to WWII and the Copacabana Club in New York City. This was enlarged from a souvenir keepsake taken by a professional photographer who went from table to table taking photos.  We enlarged this and it hangs in a dining room. The handsome couple have passed away but are remembered every day.

Whispering Woods Gallery showed creativity in the mat cutting. Neutral mats draw you into the very interesting photo. The elegant vintage warm silver frame is perfect. We never tire of looking at this custom framed photograph.

The Power of a Photo

Vintage Photo
What a meaningful photo of our Dad!

As a 30 year veteran of the picture framing industry, I understand the power of a cherished photo. It stirs up emotions, brings back memories, shows love, and shares pride. My clients rely on me to create a display of their favorites in the best way possible to preserve, enhance and enjoy. Let me share one of my favorite photos. The original is stained and tattered but brings back so many precious memories.

My Dad, Harold Gittlen, loved to pitch horseshoes. Spending our summers in Atlantic City, Dad enjoyed setting up matches with friends, neighbors and sometimes a few guys just passing by. At the end of the summer there would be a championship with trophies. Pre man-cave, this was his “guy activity.” No worries, he was always there for us.

Ok, so let me tell you about this photo. It was taken in the early seventies on the Boston Avenue Beach.  In the mist, you can just make out the “pipe” which marked our place on the beach.  As you can see, Dad has just pitched a ringer!  That just didn’t happen, it took much practice, patience, determination and dedication. This is how Dad lived his life. In addition he probably had a bit of marksmanship skill too.

To everyone who knew my Dad, this photo just shouts out, “Harold!” I don’t know who took this photo, but the photographer captured my Dad and the moment perfectly. I’ve framed this for both of my siblings and they display it proudly.

Do you have a special photo? It’s more than a small image to view on your phone now and then. Stop by Whispering Woods Gallery to have your photo preserved and protected to enjoy every day.