Framing for a Framer

Example of Needlepoint
Sue’s Needlepoint

Often visitors to Whispering Woods Gallery ask me “Sue, what do you have hanging in your home?”  That’s a great question!  Most framed items in my home are there for a reason.  Either the item was a gift, collected in my travels or came from a friend or relative. Most have sentimental meaning.  Some of the things hanging are my own creations.

I like to do needlework.  I have an entire wall of a staircase showcasing my work.  Here is the latest. Since I’m busy it took me about two years to complete the stitching!  It’s dear to me and the framing had to be perfect.  When somebody brings me needlework to frame, I appreciate how dear it is to owner.  Much love and thought went into the project.  When you bring me your cherished items to frame, I treat them as if they were my own!