It’s Graduation season and even though we are striving to live in a “paperless” world, 2015 graduates are still proudly receiving diplomas at their commencement ceremonies.  A diploma is something to display, not put away in a closet or drawer. After all, it took much hard work over the years to earn it.  Here are a few questions to ask when you frame your diploma.

  • What kind of glass will be used?  Does it block UV rays to help keep the paper and signatures from fading? Do you need an anti-reflective solution?
  • Does the mat fit the certificate?  Mats from a university book store diploma frame don’t necessarily fit your diploma.  Why cover up something important?
  • How will the diploma be secured in the frame?  How will it be secured in the framing?  Does it need to be dry-mounted?  Is this a good idea?
  • Is this framing process reversible?  Good framing will come out of the frame in it’s original condition, without tape adhesive.
  • Is the hanging hardware secure and proper for where you will hang it?  A ready-made frame might not have the hanging solution for your walls.  A professional framer can help you with that.
  • Do I like the frame choice?  Does it reflect my personality?  Somebody in the fashion industry might pick something different than an accountant or attorney.  Will the same frame be available for future diplomas and licenses?
  • Should I take this to an expert?  Professional framers study for years.  They know what’s best.  You want this to last for generations. Why settle for anything less?

Stop by Whispering Woods Gallery.  We’ll show you diplomas that still look great from generations ago.  We care to do it right.  You should too.  Congratulation 2015 Graduates!  From Whispering Woods Gallery

Whispering Woods Gallery Diploma Framing