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Some Vintage Postcard Fun

Many of you know that I enjoy working with vintage postcards. Linen era cards from the 30′s and 40′s are my favorites. Thinking of a project? I’m happy to help. I can frame your cards, or select from my extensive inventory. If I don’t have what you need, I’ll find you the perfect ones from other vendors. Here are a few framed pieces that I have created that showcase vintage postcards.

Latest Projects

We would like to share some of our latest framing projects at Whispering Woods Gallery. Enjoy!

From Roma handmade with love!

Take a trip to Italy to see how our beautiful Roma Photo Frames are crafted.

A Winning Trip to Vegas

Here are some photos of my recent trip to our annual framing trade show and conference in Las Vegas in January 2014.

Thank you for keeping me busy in 2013!

Just a few of the many multiple opening projects in 2013.

These are just a few of the multiple opening projects that we framed in 2013
From left: WWII ephemera, framed photos, 1950′s family recipes, framed Hummel art, more framed recipes, WWII gas rationing coupons and ephemera.

I am thankful for a busy 2013 and am looking forward to what unusual framing projects will arrive in 2014.

Photographing Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights

Photo credit: Wikipedia

This holiday is the perfect opportunity to take pictures of your family, your friends, and your neighborhood.  Don’t let short days or cold weather discourage you.  Today’s digital cameras handle low light well, so it’s a great time to record the holiday lights and candles that mark the winter season.The first rule for pictures of holiday lights is to turn off your camera’s flash, which can rob the scene of color. If you’re taking pictures of holiday decorations at a neighbor’s house or a colorful store display, your camera may select a slow shutter speed, so use a tripod or find a way to steady your camera on a solid object.  Use ISO 400 or even ISO 800. Automatic white balance can also drain color from the scene.  Read your instruction book and experiment with other color balance presets.  Shoot, check your LCD panel, and make adjustments.

Whether your subject is holiday decorations and lights, or a portrait of a family member, the most common mistake is to shoot from too far away.  Don’t zoom in on your subject, because that will affect shutter speed.   Instead, move closer.

Gentle snow won’t hurt your camera, and if it’s cold outside just keep it in your pocket until you’re ready to take pictures.  Enjoy the lights and Happy Holidays to all from Whispering Woods Gallery!

Factory Tour of Larson Juhl in Ashland, Wisconsin

Have you ever wondered how frame moulding is made?  One of our favorite moulding companies at Whispering Woods Gallery is Larson Juhl.  Many of their frame mouldings are made right here in the United States in Ashland, Wisconsin.  Here are some photos of how the new Homestead line is made from start to finish. Stop in to see the new Homestead line, made in the USA.

Homestead Factory Tour

Check out the “Unforgettable Photograph”

I recently discovered the book “The Unforgettable Photograph” by celebrity photographer George Lange with Scott Mowbray.  This book gives “228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life.”  Easy to grasp and not too technical, you can pick up some great advice whether you use a smartphone, a point-and-shoot, or a high end camera.  This is a great time of year to take photos of your friends, family and pets. Although I am not a professional when it comes to photography, I can certainly give you professional advice on how to frame your photos.  Don’t leave your images on your media card or phone.  Get them printed and enjoy them! I can’t wait to see your photos!

Check out George Lange in this short video about the book.

Framing for a Framer

Example of Needlepoint

Sue’s Needlepoint

Often visitors to Whispering Woods Gallery ask me “Sue, what do you have hanging in your home?”  That’s a great question!  Most framed items in my home are there for a reason.  Either the item was a gift, collected in my travels or came from a friend or relative. Most have sentimental meaning.  Some of the things hanging are my own creations.

I like to do needlework.  I have an entire wall of a staircase showcasing my work.  Here is the latest. Since I’m busy it took me about two years to complete the stitching!  It’s dear to me and the framing had to be perfect.  When somebody brings me needlework to frame, I appreciate how dear it is to owner.  Much love and thought went into the project.  When you bring me your cherished items to frame, I treat them as if they were my own!

Philadelphia Freedom

Philadelphia Freedom poster

Sometimes simple is better.

We recently recently framed this Philadelphia Freedom poster for Joe of Elkins Park.  This is a limited edition serigraph poster by Aaron Draplin that would make all Philadelphia fans proud.  Those who know Whispering Woods Gallery know that we can frame the most complicated of  projects.  However this piece did not warrant complicated framing.  Sometimes simple is better.

For the matting we carefully matched the gold of the image and selected a one with a slight rippled texture.  A simple square matching deep blue metal frame surrounds the piece.  With so much fun with the Philadelphia logos, the matting and framing should not distract from the enjoyment of these fine Philadelphia symbols.  With a UV protecting glass and archival matboard this will bring many years of enjoyment for Joe.  Philly soft pretzel anyone?

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